RCV front axle shafts

RCV front axle shafts

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Ultimate CV Axles Shafts

JK CV Axles are made from air craft quality steel. These front axle shafts are the strongest upgrade for your JK ever. These CV joints are the same successful technology as the Dana 60 CV. Everyone knows the CV joint is much smoother at full turn than a u-joint with no knuckle bind. They also come with a high durometer urethane boot to protect against debris and water. Of course they come with the "You break it, we replace it" warranty! HIGHEST STRENGTH AXLES FOR YOUR JK! Why CV Joints? *Constant Velocity = Better traction *Minimal maintenance *No yoke ears to break *Packed full of grease *No C-Clips *Chicks dig em?

Weight:   39.50 lbs
Manufacturer:   RCV Performance
Manufacturer Part No.:   RCV axle
SKU:   RCV axle
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